Health Is Wealth

My mate Darren recently confided in me something that I found a bit surprising. Basically, he’s experiencing a whole bunch of stress around suddenly finding himself a homeowner. How sudden can that really be, you ask? Well, point taken, but it’s all relative. It’s not like he inherited a home from his parents after their …

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Pro Tourists

My folks are coming to visit me in Tasmania next weekend, for the first time since I moved down here. That’s good and all, but how am I going to keep them occupied? This laboratory post is pretty demanding, and I don’t actually have that much free time. “Oh, they’ll just be happy to see …

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The Big Shift

They can be endless wells of inspiration for sitcoms, sites of secret, deep-seated resentment of the human condition, and everything in between. It’s no wonder that the traditional office is disappearing under our feet as culture finally begins to grapple with the meaning of shared working environments in the twenty-first century. As with schools, hospitals …

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Expensive Car Parts

The idea that people in Monaco have lots of money shouldn’t have been all that surprising to me. It’s the city of…money. I think some of the buildings may have just been made out of money, which is very unsafe, but…money. The idea that people in Monaco have lots of money shouldn’t have been all …

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Belinda’s Bathroom Dreams

Belinda is talking about renovations again. I would have thought the process for renovations was quite linear: you want them, and you get them. Or, if you lack the requisite funds, you save up until you have the funds, and then you get them. Belinda bringing them up in every conversation does not seem to …

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Canberra, Our Future

One urgent assignment in Canberra later, and we’re back at the club headquarters, my head full of…thoughts. Like how I liked the Australian architecture, and the schools seemed nice, and the space was open, unlike the sliding doors and tight corridors of this place. It is also a place for the doing of honest work, …

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Cars: Always Improving

  However, there HAS been some thought given over recently to car servicing. Glen Iris has a garage where I get mine done, because it’s a family thing and we’ve been in the area for years, and even there I’ve heard whispers of cars being given a sort of virtual intelligence to allow them to diagnose …

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Training, but Online

Now the business is booming, I’m churning out bow rails and snapper racks after the new patch, I’m taking on more workers, I’m developing the reputation of my business, and I’m pretty sure I could do all of this in real life. What exactly about that is a waste of time, mother?

Unblock or replace

How can I determine if my drains just need unblocking or a full-on drain replacement? Speaking to a professional drainage expert can mitigate any inherent problems that people may find themselves in. Determining the extent of any sort of drainage or sewerage problem is difficult for any layperson to do, which is actually a large reason …

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Irritation or Opportunity?

A wise man once told me: “When you ignore your problems, they go away.” Now, that doesn’t sound like very good advice from the get go, but my experiences have taught me that it’s actually kinda true. Like…okay, thinking of a random example, my shoes got a hole in them the other day. Folks would …

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