Tattoo meanings

I’ve always been a tattoo enthusiast. I was that kid in high school who was always sketching different ideas for tattoos I wanted to get once I was of the legal age. All my artwork was terrible. I’ve never been a good artist, but I definitely had an appreciation for good art. For a long time, my artwork had no meaning. It was as I got older and developed a stronger appreciation for literature and the human mind that I started to care about the meaning behind tattoos. Once that part of my brain was unlocked, a whole new world opened up to me. I became interested in the meaning behind tattoos and artwork.

Wanting to know the meaning behind tattoos really enhances the experience of looking at artwork. You start exploring how the artworks can be interpreted and why the artist may have chosen the creative direction they did. There’s a tattooist Brisbane residents love who is an absolute talent when it comes to designing artwork that incorporates personal meaning. He uses different imagery to create meaning. It’s truly amazing. He is also a master of all the different tattoo styles. Whether it’s realism or traditional, he can take your request and turn it into something really magnificent. 

I’ve had a few tattoos done by this same artist. His artwork is probably my favourite out of all the artwork I have on my body. He is also the most recommended traditional tattooist in the area. I can see why. Whenever I’m walking down the street or am at a gig, people always stop and compliment his artwork. I’m currently in the process of brainstorming some new designs for us. Next week I will visit the studio and start collaborating on the designs with the artist. These designs are heavily influenced by TV shows I love. I’m thinking it could be quite cool to try to create a totally unique character who is made up of elements from all my favourite TV show characters. Is it possible? I don’t know, but if it is, it will look amazing!