Savoir-faire is a French term that means the ability to skillfully adapt to any situation. Savvy travellers know how indispensible this is! Travel hacks to set you on the path to being the most adroit traveller you can be.

We believe that the art of travel not just about knowing the what, the where and the who. It’s also about the how and the why. For that reason, we’re not going to tell you where to stay or what to see and do. This is about passing on skills that are flexible, fluid and easy to follow for any unfamiliar situation you might find yourself in.

SAVOIR FARE is twin sister-brother duo, June and Bruno. They are currently moving through Europe, where they are couchsurfing, busking and perpetually searching for the best deals on long-distance train fares. They love clean socks and sampling new varieties of hot sauce, and are really over fruit picking.

Bon Voyage!