Forever Grateful

It’s my husband’s and my wedding anniversary in two days. Guess how long we’ve been married? Thirty-five years now. A lot has happened since I last uploaded any content to this blog. I had a child and then I had two more. We got a dog. My kids grew up, moved out and met their partners. My eldest just got married a few years ago and we’ve just been told that we’re going to be grandparents. I couldn’t be happier with how our lives have turned out and I can’t wait to spend many more years with the love of my life. 

In order to celebrate our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary, I’ve decided to fish out our old wedding video – the one made by that esteemed Melbourne video production company that I raved about all those years ago. I’ve only watched the first five minutes of the proposal video (I decided it was smart to start from the beginning) and I am so impressed with how well the video has held up. It was filmed so well back in the day that it doesn’t seem too outdated now. That’s a testament to the high-quality filming and editing done by the video production company. I am still so impressed with their work.

Watching these videos back has made me really emotional. I can see the raw and pure happiness radiating out of my husband and me. We look really young and like the whole world is ahead of us, and we were right, we had everything ahead of us. And it’s been great. The day I agreed to marry my husband was the day that I changed the course of my life forever. I made the best decision I could have made and I’m so happy with it. I’m so glad that my husband decided to engage a company offering post-production services to edit our proposal and wedding videos. It’s the type of thing that I’d never think of, but it’s allowed us to keep these moments for the rest of our lives. I am forever grateful.