Bathtub Renovations Applauded

The idea of a promotion should have been exciting news. When you worked in the finance sector secretly run by a group of morally grey wizards who could summon zombies but not staple their own reports, it felt more like impending doom.

The shock must have registered on Syd’s face because her boss stopped walking after delivering the news. He smirked, clearly finding amusement in the situation. “What, you thought you’d spend the rest of your employment brainstorming smart bathtub solutions for elderly selkies?”

Syd slowly shook her head and then snapped her gaping mouth shut. “Of course not sir,” she replied, straightening her back. In truth, brainstorming ideas for how the plumbing could become more efficient or how the tiling and handrails could be improved was fun. It was a bite of the normal world she missed whilst she was in the office.

“I’ve been training you since your first day, and every day you have proven yourself to be organised, wise and smart… for a human.”

Syd brushed the comment off. After working with a group of wizards for two years, it had become an everyday practice for the value of humanity to be up for debate. It had been scary at first, but she had begun a list of the most ridiculous arguments to keep herself entertained. When you were the only human in the office, it was crucial to keep your sanity.

“Like today, you booked for a bathroom renovation without even being asked. Even picked an easily hypnotised plumber. You’re constantly proactive,” he continued, voice growing louder. “You’re far too clever to waste your talents booking a bath tub conversion, Sydney!” 

His shouting had drawn the attention of the coworkers working by the cauldrons and Syd shrunk into herself instinctively. “You’re on the fast track now,” he said as he waved his hand through the air. Sparks danced along his fingertips. “Straight to the top!”

In one sudden movement, he pointed at her. Before she could register it, the world around her vanished in a puff of smoke.