Car Woes/Vows

Trinity watched her sister race to the car in her wedding dress. It would have been a sight straight out of a sitcom if she hadn’t been the one who was in trouble. She tried to sigh her anxiety out of her, popping the hood from below the driver’s seat and moving to inspect the damage.

There was no smoke coming from the engine or a completely snapped fan belt, so it wasn’t as bad as Trinity’s luck usually was. Her sister circled the car like a lion, inspecting every side mirror and windshield wiper as though they were at fault for her car breaking down in the middle of nowhere before the ceremony. Beads of sweat dripped down her perfectly crafted make-up. 

“Hot day out.” Trinity tried to make small talk, keeping her eyes locked on the engine to avoid the annoyed stare she felt coming from her sister.

“Honestly Trin.” Her sister’s trill voice cut through the air like a knife. “You need to get yourself together. I mean, when was the last time a mechanic was performing a log book service or even inspecting the tyres on this thing?”

The duct tape holding the side mirror to the car decided to unstick at that moment. Her car thought itself a comedian. Trinity closed the hood, feeling uncomfortable with the guilt settling in her stomach. She actually couldn’t remember ever booking in for car maintenance, even when her car engine light had lit up the dashboard. Still, she felt herself getting defensive. “I found an auto electrician near Seaford and got here before the vows, didn’t I? It all worked out in the end.”

Just before her sister could reply and turn the tiff into an argument, her maid of honour bounded down the stairs to the church, both hands preoccupied with a bouquet. “You need to get back here!” She yelled.

Her sister hissed at Trinity and she took it as her sign to stay quiet and follow them up the stairs. The maid of honour gave her a dirty look but passed her the flowers just the same. With guilt still rumbling in the pit of her stomach, Trinity busied herself smoothing out her dress as she lined up behind the rest of the bridal party. This was going to be a long ceremony.