A Solar Conversation

The inside of the house was in a much worse state than the outside. Maphira had seen plenty of ads on social media for mobile games where the character, always in some terrible situation (such as having just found their partner cheating or being dumped on their wedding day) finds or is given an old property that needs some serious fixing up. You then spend all of the gameplay repairing the house. The inside of this house reminded Maphira of those games.

Given that the furniture was falling apart, they elected to sit on the floorboards, which honestly weren’t in a much better condition.

“You know, it’s funny that you’re working in solar now,” Rylee said. “I was actually looking into an online solar panel calculator for residential property. We’re thinking solar panels would be a good way to save money.”

“Huh,” said Maphira, “that is quite the coincidence. I just can’t believe that Cole is back, you know? I mean, we were so sure he wasn’t alive anymore. About as sure as you can be without seeing the body. And you two are already planning to get married again? Don’t you think it’s a bit early for such a decision?”

Rylee almost seemed to consider her point, but she shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. We should have been married years ago. So what if we’ve changed? We would have changed in that time anyway.”

This was going to be harder than Maphira thought… Perhaps it was best that she try again another time. She could make up some excuse about an appointment to discuss solar battery storage based in Melbourne to get away. But then again, if Cole coming back was part of the Conclave’s plans, Rylee could be in serious danger.

“So, how did you guys meet back up?” Maphira asked. “Why did Cole reappear after all this time?”

Rylee bit her lip. “He was working for the Conclave. Vai paid me a visit and offered to put me back in touch with him.”

Maphira tried to act surprised. “The Conclave? Vai? That sounds pretty suspicious.”

Someone knocked on the door, so Rylee stood and went to answer it. 

Maphira never thought she’d be so mad about a pizza delivery.