Bathroom Renovation Tidbits

With the end of the year approaching, the time to prepare for your resolutions is now. One of mine will be to renovate my home next year. Not only am I considering my resale value later down the road, but I am also sick of the outdated interior design choices the previous homeowners left behind. …

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Bathtub Renovations Applauded

The idea of a promotion should have been exciting news. When you worked in the finance sector secretly run by a group of morally grey wizards who could summon zombies but not staple their own reports, it felt more like impending doom. The shock must have registered on Syd’s face because her boss stopped walking …

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Belinda’s Bathroom Dreams

Belinda is talking about renovations again. I would have thought the process for renovations was quite linear: you want them, and you get them. Or, if you lack the requisite funds, you save up until you have the funds, and then you get them. Belinda bringing them up in every conversation does not seem to …

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