Belinda’s Bathroom Dreams

Belinda is talking about renovations again. I would have thought the process for renovations was quite linear: you want them, and you get them. Or, if you lack the requisite funds, you save up until you have the funds, and then you get them.

Belinda bringing them up in every conversation does not seem to contribute towards this goal at all, but humans are curious, and they seem to feel the need to express themselves when such a thing profits them none. If I’m perfectly honest, the same basic principle applies, in my mind, to renovations and remodelling. Melbourne bathroom renovations, were I in control, would be aimed to increasing efficiency. They would come to your bathroom and mostly leave the aesthetics as they are, but would proceed to fix all lingering issues and improve the room’s basic functions.

For example…I have noticed that some sinks are simply not deep enough for human hands, on average. This could be fixed. The water pressure of many showers is disappointing, and the temperature control, abysmal. This could be fixed. Mirrors are often ill-placed to receive a true depiction of one’s appearance, due to the scattering of light. This could be fixed.

A personal concern of mine is the inefficient design of many towel rails. Their function is to dry, and yet, they are designed to cause towels to hang over each other, not drying at all. This could be fixed…easily. But Belinda’s concerns mainly seem to be aesthetic. To her and many others, bathroom design ideas are about improving the chemical reactions upon seeing a place, although practical changes may also be the goal. Perhaps…I should aim to ascertain why humans wish for both, instead of the utilitarian approach.