Canberra, Our Future

One urgent assignment in Canberra later, and we’re back at the club headquarters, my head full of…thoughts. Like how I liked the Australian architecture, and the schools seemed nice, and the space was open, unlike the sliding doors and tight corridors of this place. It is also a place for the doing of honest work, something that I never knew I wanted until some of the younger trainees began to complain that my latest experiment was ‘so last century’ and that sealing organic compounds into metals was ‘lame’ compared to AI.

I couldn’t help but notice that Australia had some excellent air conditioning services. Canberra in particular seems to be quite renowned for that sort of thing, which is a fine accomplishment. Osaka is the city of Industry, Kyoto is the city of the Emperors, Yokohama is the city of Shipwrights…and Canberra. This is the city of air conditioning experts. I understand that air con ducts are seen as ‘weak points’ by some of the team, but different types of air conditioning exist, some of them even safer. Split systems, for example. Under-floor. Evaporative. And if I’m honest, I’m not entirely convinced the ducts would be hazardous for our work. I was looking all of this up on my phone as we concealed ourselves in the rafters for hours, and I really quite like the idea of just pressing a button and that’s that. You control the climate, much like controlling the conductivity of metals.

Everyone is talking about breaking away, but I think I could take our family and go even further, just to get away from everything. Canberra is important enough as a place, but lacks the busy feel of the modern city. The air conditioning repair Canberra has on offer, and the homes seem nice. It’s an option…