Bathroom Renovation Tidbits

With the end of the year approaching, the time to prepare for your resolutions is now. One of mine will be to renovate my home next year. Not only am I considering my resale value later down the road, but I am also sick of the outdated interior design choices the previous homeowners left behind.

I know it’s going to be a difficult year. After all, most people want a brand new home, but don’t want to go through the hard work of renovating one. I have realised that the best way to make sure I haven’t gone mad by the end of the year is by planning. 

Lots and lots of planning.

I have already begun planning with the help of the best bathroom renovations company close to Beaumaris. This town has one of the best teams of renovation experts in Melbourne. They can assist me with the nitty gritty, which will be a huge help. I couldn’t imagine doing it all on my own. 

Luckily, a promotion from work coupled with a few freelance jobs on the side, and I have been able to meet this year’s resolution of saving up money. This lets me hire a great team. Of course, there will be moments where I may need to perform my own DIY home renovations, but I will try to consult the professionals as much as possible.

After all, they are the ones with years of experience in ensuite renovations. I may be a whizz in my field, but plumbing and construction never really interested me. 

The thing that motivates me most about this goal is that next year’s blog post will be written in my renovated home. I’ll tell you this: I’ll even bring my laptop into the bathtub and type my post there if the bathroom revamp goes as well as I’m hoping it does.

Hopefully, next time I write to you dear readers, I will have completed my renovations. It would be an added bonus if I haven’t gone mad by the end of it, too. Let me know what your resolutions are, and we can share our self-made obstacles in solidarity.