Step Into the Exam Chamber?

Sometimes I think the notes I make during lectures are the most profound thing ever. And then I look at them afterwards, and it’s always something terrible, like ‘more oxygen = more brain power’. I mean, that might not be UN-true, but at the same time, I don’t know if the exam people would let me lug in an oxygen tank to my final exams. Maybe I’ll check the rules on that one.

I dunno…I was just in a lecture about how the brain needs oxygen to function- yeah, we really look at some intense, difficult and complex stuff here in the final year of medicine- and I began to wonder why humans haven’t jumped on this bandwagon any sooner. There are actual places in Melbourne selling portable hyperbaric chambers. I know the main purpose of them is supposed to be for health, breathing problems, and maybe sports injuries. Plus there are a lot of people in the medical field who really don’t like them. Not sure why, because it’s not like they’re the new acupuncture, or healing crystals. More oxygen isn’t a BAD thing. And it really does help if you have problems with your breathing. What I’m saying is that portable oxygen chambers need to be in more places, for the convenience of all. Just imagine if you could set them up in public places, and people could pay fifty cents to climb inside and just breathe easy for a bit. Maybe you’d end up having troubles with vandalism and people leaving really gross stuff in there, but it’s the same with public toilets, and you don’t have to pay for those. Or at least, not most of them.

Get on it, Melbourne. Hyperbaric chambers in all public places. And if you want to take an exam inside one, that should be an option. Might help me remember my ultimate nemesis: the bones of the hand. Why do I ALWAYS forget the bones of the hand…?