Hi Folks, Sorry About the Wall

So…how was YOUR first meeting with the in-laws?

Well, I say in-laws, but that’s more of a future thing. Right now they’re my girlfriend’s parents, and we just had our first…’meeting’. Is girlfriend’s parents in-law a thing? Anyway I was driving to their place, a lovely quiche on the front seat that I got from a very expensive deli. I’d done my hair, cleaned the car, and everything was going really well. Until I think I put the car in the wrong gear, it jumped up the kerb, my brakes failed and I ended up plowing straight through their lounge window.

First time. Our very first meeting. Haven’t really talked to them since, but my future dad-in-law DID give me the number to a really good mechanic that does brake repair near Ringwood. Is that a good sign? Like…is that good? I think it’s probably good, because it’s the only interaction we had besides me apologising 200 times. No, make that a thousand.  So I’ve shown that I’m willing to own up to my mistakes, and also that I take steps to make sure they never happen again. You know…with me getting my brakes repaired. If you really think about it, this could be a net positive in the end. I’ve shown that I acknowledge when I’ve made an error, take steps to correct it, can solve problems, am apologetic at the appropriate time, and my typical response to a crisis situation isn’t to panic and fly off the handle. There are WORSE ways this could have gone; load of them!

And now my brakes are repaired, so yeah. That’s good. I needed a log book service as well, so…I can also recommend a good place that does log book servicing. Ringwood seems to have an unnatural number of high quality car experts it seems. I’m choosing to see all this as a wonderful sequence of events that could not have gone better. And the quiche survived, so yeah. They probably enjoyed that in their motel room.