Fusion Careers, for Ultimate Profit

The world of the future is FUSION CAREERS. I gave a presentation about it at the club tonight. In the future, you see, mankind’s eternal quest to escape boredom will come to a head and catch up to everyone at work. Suddenly, no one wants to go to work, because it’s too boring. The CEO does no work. The lion tamer, no work. The guy who fixed the fridge might show up, but he’ll quit halfway through the job because it’s just not enough stimulation for him. What’s a world to do?

Fusion careers, that’s what. Take me, for instance. I work in physiotherapy , but that’ll be too boring in the future, so I’m doing a dry needling course so that I can fuse the two. Everyone in the future will be hired on the strength of their fusion, so I think dry needling and physiotherapy is going to bring a lot to the table. I can fix muscle complaints, or I can actually just soothe the aches and pains of people in the office with my needling skills. I’ve gotten a load of my friends onto it as well, like how Janine is studying street dance so she can be a pharmacist for half of the day, but give entertaining dance performances to all the customers for the rest of the time. Then there’s Liam, who usually works as a graphic designer, but is currently undertaking a night class to learn how to assemble complex pieces of furniture. Workplaces of the future will have people switching from one thing to another at any time they please, so basically, whenever they get bored with the other thing. If i get bored with physiotherapy , then in the blink of an eye I can go and provide dry needling services to my workplace. Imagine the new and wonderful combinations! Although I personally think my jumping on the trigger point dry needling course is one of the best fusions. Technology and medicine. There’s room for those things in basically any workplace! Although pharmaceuticals and dance…that’s quite the combination as well. Both generate a healing aura, for the body and mind.