Fishing…on the MOON

Our dear brother has recently been talking about terraforming, and given the strength and commitment of his speech, I see no reason to doubt him. It was a great day at the meeting where it was announced: our Lunar Kingdom will have life, and life in abundance! Of course, some dissented, saying that we would merely be appropriating Earth culture by having trees and a breathable atmosphere, but I think this has been the goal all along.

And with a proper ecosystem comes all sorts of wonderful things, like water-skiing and beach holidays; real ones, not just trips to the pleasure dome. And with water and plenty of oxygen comes…fishing. MOON fishing. Me and my Father always used to go on trips, and I know everything from how to gut a trout to the way to properly fix a fishing rod holder so that if you get a really big catch, it doesn’t just snap off. Unlike the snapper rack, which has snapping as its main function.

So now I think it’s time to really take all those skills and apply them to a new world, in honour of Dad. He was a founding member of the society, although it was quite a different story when he and a select few others had a dream of leaving this Earth. I don’t think he ever imagined that we’d be taking our boats out upon the lunar lakes, catching lunar fish, with lunar fishing rods, so that we can bring them back to our lunar kitchens and make lunar trout ala crème.

And of course, the lakes will be much greater and wider than those of Earth, teeming with terraformed creatures that are sweet to the eye AND to the taste buds. Better make sure the fishing rod holders are fastened on securely, because the fishing will be out of this world, indeed. No more ordinary plate alloy. LUNAR plate alloy boats, that never rust. Ah, if only the Founding Elder Six of Magnificent Exception were alive to see it…

-Brother Lucas