A Couple of Good Sports

Moving out of the city was definitely the right choice. Tonia feels the same – even though she misses the social hubbub of Melbourne, I think she’s totally into the challenge of starting up a scene of her own out here. Her order of business at the moment is setting up a social sports group, starting with a few basic facilities down the bottom of our property.

Tonia has always been like this – willing to go out on a limb to make something happen. She’s already gotten hold of a pair of soccer goals; she just needs to send the nets off to be repaired and they’re good to go. Next on the agenda is to find some tennis netting. Melbourne would be the easiest place to find that kind of thing, I would think. I guess I’ll look into it before we head in there in a couple of weeks.  

Somewhere along the line, I’ve been assigned an administrative role in all this. This is the usual state of affairs: Tonia does the go-getting, the social rallying, the motivating and the heavy lifting, while I get roped into doing the research, the phone calling and the accounting (so to speak). I really have no idea how this sports club is going to get off the ground, but Tonia is so sure it’s going to be great that I can’t help but adopt some of her enthusiasm.

It’s probably why she makes such a good team captain. Maybe she ought to get into coaching – not only would that justify investing in all of this sporting equipment, but it would add value to our proposition to the local community. That reminds me: I need to add ‘buy perimeter netting’ to my to-do list.

To finish the thought, though – Tonia would really be a fantastic sports coach. Kids, in particular, would love her. I get that she’s doing this so she can have people to play against, but there’s no reason she can’t do both.