A Conveyancing Office Is a Hectic Place

Playing online games isn’t something for the faint of heart, especially since they added team-play. They all thought it couldn’t be done! But now they’ve done it, and it’s…a nightmare, honestly. See, when people get together for work in real life, there’s usually a good reason, they know their jobs, and there’s at least going to be someone in charge who can give out the jobs. A master of jobs, if you will. A ‘boss’.

But online, there’s no structure. You can all decide to get together to form a business, but unless everyone shelves their ego and elects an unofficial leader, it just turns into chaos. Even things as simple as a mechanic’s garage just don’t function as they should, all because everyone wants to do a certain job, and then you get throwers, and people who have to log off in the middle of tasks…

Anyway, trying to set up a conveyancing solicitors office in Elwood was just NOT a good idea, let me tell you. Those real life conveyancing offices have it easy, what with their structured leadership and agreement that you have to keep coming in every day at roughly the same time, and then do conveyancing work, if you want to get paid. I could enforce something like that, but then I’d end up being that guy. The one who steps in to stop everyone from having fun.

But then…Over-Botch isn’t about having fun. It’s about training you for future careers, and so there has to be some small authority I can feasibly claim over the proceedings. I’m using this to see what conveyancers do for a living, and whether the job suits me. Never mind that the whole point of the game is to fail…failure is the best teacher, after all. So if this gets me a sliver of knowledge on what goes on at a conveyancing office in Caulfield, or wherever, then it’s worth it. The colleague aspect…maybe not so much.