Growing your own wedding flowers

You can call me a diva bride, but I do not trust wedding florists to get the flowers correct. I have been to too many weddings where the bouquet has clashed horribly with the colour theme. Mismatched colours because the florist forgot to order the right wedding flowers, or worse, decided to make a substitution without checking with the bride.

That won’t be happening to me. I am growing my own flowers, literally in my garden. Me the gardener, who would have thought!? I just planted some hyacinths in my specially sourced dirt with the right acidity level to make beautiful purple flowers.

My future husband is super into gardening, but he refuses to help with my hyacinth hijinks. He thinks it’ll somehow get messed up and I’ll blame him. I sure will be blaming him if my crop fails because he decided to withdraw his help. Anyway, I planted heaps of spares just in case anything goes wrong. I’m bound to have at least one single flower I can use.

I have applied some of my new knowledge from my job to my planting pursuit. When you make backups of your data, you are meant to store the backup in a location away from the hard drive. Data loss is not always because your computer stops working. It’s often because your house is on fire or gets flooded. You should always keep your backup in a separate safe location. That’s what I’ve been learning as a junior system administrator.

I have used this principle in my garden growing by planting a backup garden at my brother’s house. He lives an hour away, so short of a natural disaster, it should mean I have one crop of hyacinths left. I used a bunch of hyacinth mixed bulbs at his house, so the flowers won’t be exactly what I want (purple only). If I need the backup flower patch I’ll make it work. I’ll dip dye the flowers if I have to.