Gas Heating, Classic Edition

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in July, which means the sun has vanished and Joel is playing carols. In June as well. I swear, it gets earlier every year, but now even supermarkets are doing it.

It’s usually the time of the year when we do our spring clean, so to speak since it’s not actually spring. But still, we try to make sure every single little thing is working as it should, from car headlight bulbs all the way to the silly things like mould growing on the garden gnomes. The gnomes are responsible for greeting people who come to the house, so it’s more important than you think.

This year my initial observation ended with the finding that all of our gnomes have at least some moss that will have to be scrubbed, the garage is inhabited by around 30 unwelcome spiders and the gas heating is busted, so we’ll need heating repairs. Melbourne residents aren’t usually bothered with that sort of thing. However Carl is getting on a bit in years and I’ve always been useless with technology we’ve decided to call in the professionals, just this once.

After all, another winter like that last one is liable to finish me off for good, and Carl will have no one to mandate cleaning every year. How do these gas heating units keep getting themselves jammed, anyway? I know ours is a little bit older, but it was made in 1976, a very good year, and an era in which things were built to last. I thought it’d be going for at least a century, I’d make a stern call to the manufacturer, but alas, they’ve been out of business for several decades.

Never mind. I’m sure there are top quality gas heating technicians in Melbourne who’ll sort us out. I just have to unearth the old yellow pages. Which is on my to-do list for tomorrow!