Self Treating Foot Conditions

Foot problems are something that should be dealt with by professionals, not your friend who’ve read a few medical posts online. I have been at the bad end of a badly ingrown toenail and believe me, it is not good for anyone involved. It is gross and painful and you wouldn’t want to suffer with it for any length of time.

That’s why we had to get rid of it right away. I was foolish enough to try and dig out the nail by myself and nearly passed out. Using a hot needle was a bad idea, I really shouldn’t have listened to my friends. I quickly realised, before I did any more damage, that trying to fix this problem on my own was a terrible idea.

Note to all those who may be suffering, always ignore the advice of arm-charm doctors. If you are not an expert, and by expert I mean a trained podiatrist, then you have no right to attempt any work like this. You are only risking your own health, not to mention costing extra when you do see an expert because they have to fix up your mistakes.

This was the worst thing that I could have done because it turns out that I did in fact make it worse. The area got super infected and started to look nasty. The very next day I had to go to the emergency room and after I got a little better they recommended that I see a specialised podiatrist in Cheltenham. I went the very next day, and I’m so glad that I did. My only regret is that I didn’t go any sooner; I could have saved myself a little hassle and a lot of pain and worry.

I still have to keep on wearing these custom orthotics, but I’m okay with that. It’s the price I have to pay to remind myself of how foolish I was, despite my better judgement. I will never make that mistake again. When it comes to foot conditions like ingrown toenails, alway consult a professional.