Rusty Aluminium Windows

I’ve been at home sick for the last week and I’ve begun to notice things about my home that I dislike. I’m a busy body, so I never really spend that much time at home. I work five days a week and then see different friends every day after work, which leaves me with very little time to analyse what my house looks like. As you can imagine, I’ve never been bothered by the issues that I’ve found until this week.

For example, the windows in my home are actually in a very poor condition. The ones on the west side of my house have started to rust, which is really ugly. I’ve decided that I’m going to get someone in to do an aluminium window replacement. Melbourne has such volatile weather which is why my windows must have rusted. I wonder if I’m supposed to do something to look after the windows. I’ve lived here for the last five years and have never once tried to oil them or repair them or anything. I’m going to check that with the window replacement people when they come.

I’ve also noticed that I’m in need of a door replacement for the door leading into my spare room. I only go into my spare room about twice a year when I have guests from interstate, but this week I’ve spent a bit of time there. I was getting sick of being in my bedroom the whole time, and so I decided to get a change of scenery and spend time in my spare room. The room itself is very nice, but the door doesn’t close properly because the wood has split. I’m not sure exactly how it all works, but I definitely need a replacement. I may as well get it replaced when I get the windows fixed. I can afford to, I just never realised these things needed replacing.

I’m looking forward to not being sick anymore so I can get all this fixed.