Hair removal is what I want

It wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make, I had always dreamed of spending a day getting pampered. I guess I never thought I’d get around to it, being so busy with my studies and work. When my father asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I casually mentioned that I had been thinking about getting laser hair removal, Melbourne had a few clinics that I liked the sound of. My dad is pretty cool with that sort of stuff, it doesn’t make him uncomfortable at all.

Whenever Mum and I were in Richmond at my favourite cafe having milkshakes I would see the ladies come and go from the beauty clinic. They always seemed to leave the clinic transformed, walking with more confidence, glowing skin and a big smile. I didn’t completely understand what went on at the clinic, but whatever it was completely transforming lives. When I asked my mother if it was alright for me to get laser leg hair removal she flatly turned me down. She hated that woman had to shave their legs and refused to support my decision. I tried to explain that it was my body and my choice but she wouldn’t listen. This coming from the woman that got permanent eyebrows done in Melbourne last year.

That night I didn’t come down for dinner. Dad came into my room when he got home from work to ask if I was OK. Mum had told him that I was upset about not being able to get laser hair removal. He started asking me why I wanted to get the hair removal done so much. We were all from Italian heritage, I just pointed to his arms, then my arms, then he understood. My mother was fair skinned and didn’t have the same problem with body hair that I did. Dad apologised for not working it out and promised to take me on the weekend to get whatever I wanted done. I knew my mother was going to be mad but I’m glad that Dad understood me.