Scotland, But Also Home Buying

Wowzers. Week of Our Lives must really be stretching the budget to go and film in the highlands of Scotland. To tell the truth, I did kinda think they were going down this route, ever since they started that massive storyline about Yelena and her goal to become someone who deals with massive homes for people, just so she as a job that lets her be inside massive homes. She tried interior decorating, but quit after she matched a burgundy rug with puce curtains and had to spend a week in hospital after fainting from the shame of it all. Real estate agents have to deal with all sorts of homes, not just massive ones.

So now she has her sights set on the noble profession of buyers advocacy based in Melbourne.

To be honest, I’m not totally sure what that means, and a lot of people on the forums were asking about it. There were a thousand explanations flying around- I’m definitely not buying that one that said the job of a property advocate is to hypnotise people into selling their homes- but the consensus seemed to be that it was about finding high-end homes and helping people buy them. Advocating buying…you might say.

Of course, this particular goal clashes with Yelena’s severe agoraphobia that she received at the craft fair when she was eight, when a group of circus hyenas cornered her in the middle of the football oval and she had to fight them off using only a tube of glitter glue and some pipe cleaners. Obviously, if Yelena wants to join the ranks of Melbourne’s best property advocates, she can’t just be walking into gloriously spacious homes. And yet, the fascination remains. And can a woman who thinks that burgundy goes with puce really give people advice on home buying? I’m staying tuned!!!