Grateful For Modern Tree Felling Technology

I’m so glad we have the technology was have today. Like, I consider myself extremely fortunate just to have been born here and now, instead of 16th century France when they were just getting the hang of this ‘sewer’ thing, and healthcare was just having enough money to buy meat and fresh vegetables.

We can order food online now. And cutting down a tree didn’t leave the guy doing it with a 70/30 chance of being crushed, which is great. Nowadays they don’t even have to use chainsaws for the big jobs; they have big fancy wraparound things that saw right through even the toughest tree trunks. Thus, reducing the chances of being squished by a significant factor.

Imagine if the arborists operating in Melbourne just had axes. I don’t know this for sure, but I’ve heard that gum trees can be some of the toughest things to cut down in the entire world, and their roots go so deep that it can take days to excavate them with normal tools. That’s why we even have tree removal people in the first place, because nobody wants to waste all that time on a stupid tree if they’re not professionally trained or equipped. I saw a bunch of arborists out the back window yesterday getting rid of…I don’t know. Probably a gum tree. Half of all trees are gum trees, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, it was done lickety-split, without so much as a fit. But take away all the technology, rewind us back 500 years and give everyone an axe. Wow…what a pain.

Probably didn’t even have professional tree removal services in Melbourne 500 years ago…or Melbourne itself, for that matter. Oh hey, you’re Farmer McGinnis and you have an invasive gum tree problem? Sorry to hear that, friend. Have fun taking a week off to excavate them, possibly damaging your spine in the process.

Yeah, modern arborists are much better off. Everyone is much better off.