Window to Past

In today’s exploration of the central ruin complex, a breakthrough discovery has shifted the course of my mission. The ancient tinted windows, which I initially believed served solely for environmental control, are intricately linked to the planet’s energy system – and possibly, to the time loop mechanism itself. Among the ruins, I uncovered a window …

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Rusty Aluminium Windows

I’ve been at home sick for the last week and I’ve begun to notice things about my home that I dislike. I’m a busy body, so I never really spend that much time at home. I work five days a week and then see different friends every day after work, which leaves me with very …

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Irritation or Opportunity?

A wise man once told me: “When you ignore your problems, they go away.” Now, that doesn’t sound like very good advice from the get go, but my experiences have taught me that it’s actually kinda true. Like…okay, thinking of a random example, my shoes got a hole in them the other day. Folks would …

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