Irritation or Opportunity?

A wise man once told me: “When you ignore your problems, they go away.”

Now, that doesn’t sound like very good advice from the get go, but my experiences have taught me that it’s actually kinda true. Like…okay, thinking of a random example, my shoes got a hole in them the other day. Folks would usually lament that they have to throw out their beloved shoes and rush to spend money on new ones. Me? I just rolled with it. Still going strong, and it’s summer so whatever. Holes in my shoes isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Also related to summer: right now my window is smashed in. That’s what I get for just taking up the shot put without getting training or consulting a professional, but while many folks would be flipping through the phonebook for companies that do window replacements near Melbourne, dabbing at their teary eyes as they think about how much broken glass litters the floor, I’m seeing the positive. I might get replacement windows, at some point. I definitely cleared up the glass, because I’m not an idiot; you can’t avoid lacerations just by not thinking about them. However, the weather is nice and warm, I live in an area where the crime is low, and this window is round the back of my apartment block on the second floor (I’m quite the natural at this shot put business) so it’s not like it’s just baring itself to the entire world. Also, potential thieves would have to climb through the jagged glass still in the frame, allowing me to hear their screams of pain from my bedroom.

I suppose I’m not so much as ignoring the problem as much as I am not treating it like a problem. But I don’t really think about it all that much either. I just enjoy the cool breeze, until I feel like I’m good and ready to locate timber window replacement professionals. Thus, I’d be improving the issue, thereby reducing it from a problem to something positive.

Give it a go. Remove your problems today.