Christmas Office Time

It’s almost December, which means I need to get the tree ready in the office. I made the mistake of setting it up early one year, around the 15th of November, and there was an uproar. People said I was taking all the magic out of Christmas by making it a year-long, and maybe I was? Anyway, I’ve waited and waited, and the fated day is almost upon us. the first day of December is a Saturday this year, so that’s when I’ll go in and get everything ready. Not ‘up’…just ready to go up.

Except this year I’ve been looking to take things to the next level. Those local companies that do office interior design are great and all, but I want something…a bit different? Maybe it’s not that different. Maybe there are loads of places that that request a Christmas office refit, for Christmas. I haven’t actually done any inquiries yet, but maybe a load of places will get back to me and say “Oh, Christmas renovations? Yeah, we do those every year. What, you’ve never got them?”

I’d be worried about the transient nature of the fitout, especially since it may mean us having to take down all the decorations in a more involved way after the holiday is over. But maybe you can get office design for Christmas that can be…folded away, somehow, I don’t know. Maybe the wallpaper can be temporary. So it’s covered in stars and Christmas trees and sleighs one day, and the next you can just peel it off, roll it up and stow it away for next Christmas. We could have a giant, 3D nativity scene on the wall behind the reception desk, but it detaches and can be folded up. And…I don’t know, probably much more. I have notes, they’ll have notes, being designer professionals and all. They do this for a living, and hopefully, getting what amounts to professional Christmas decorations, for your office, is totally normal. Everyone does it. I’ve just…never noticed.