Boat motors

Training, but Online

Now the business is booming, I’m churning out bow rails and snapper racks after the new patch, I’m taking on more workers, I’m developing the reputation of my business, and I’m pretty sure I could do all of this in real life. What exactly about that is a waste of time, mother?

Fishing…on the MOON

Our dear brother has recently been talking about terraforming, and given the strength and commitment of his speech, I see no reason to doubt him. It was a great day at the meeting where it was announced: our Lunar Kingdom will have life, and life in abundance! Of course, some dissented, saying that we would …

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Boat Facts Needed – Fast

What do you call those detachable motor things that sit on the back of small boats? I mean, I assume it’s some kind of motor device that sort of helps guide the direction of the boat, but that’s just based on my makeshift deductions. To be clear, I know virtually nothing about boat parts. Why …

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