Training, but Online

The best thing about the RPG Over-Botch, in my opinion, is that my mum can’t say that it’s a waste of time. I used to play farming games and she just wouldn’t leave me alone about how they’re melting my brain and they’re going to stifle all my chances of finding a wife. Now, I can genuinely say that this is simply a digital version of worksite training. I have my own little business, I’m doing some great work, people love me, profits are up, and I’m pretty sure I make the best bow rails in the entire game. There honestly aren’t a great many people who make bow rails, but I know I’m the best. They just added a much more expansive ocean in the last patch, so now people are starting to get into fishing. They also added a much more expansive fishing scene, so more people are fishing. I saw that one coming (I mean, I got access to some patch notes early) and so I decided to focus my efforts on the fishing industry, which was soon to be booming. That’s the thing about the virtual economy being new and burgeoning: you can establish more stronger business with fewer competitors. I’ve been paying attention to market trends as well, and while I was previously involved in a startup where we went all around virtual Melbourne fixing tires, the market for car repairs was becoming saturated. I saw the opportunity to move to the uncrowded docks and I made sure I got a good location with plenty of foot traffic.

Now the business is booming, I’m churning out bow rails and snapper racks after the new patch, I’m taking on more workers, I’m developing the reputation of my business, and I’m pretty sure I could do all of this in real life. What exactly about that is a waste of time, mother?