Plain Old Aluminium Isn’t So Bad

I might have been banished here by the high council for causing a minor incontinence across the entire livestock herds of a prominent nobleman, but I was at least expecting to have a little bit of fun.

“Oh, the mortal realm, it’s so terribly  interesting!” “Yes, my cousin accidentally transported himself there once, their interactive entertainment boxes are quite wonderful.”

Too bad I got used to things far too quickly. The interactive entertainment boxes were fascinating at first, but now I spend all my time on internet forums raging about on-disc DLC and incomplete patch notes. I have gone local.

I suppose my work at a hardware shop has done much to acclimatise me to these people and their strange, non-magical ways.

My day is usually fairly mundane. It usually goes something like this: I sell someone some cylinders for their gas bottle holders to go in their ute. We have a brief chat about what sort of weight they hold, I recommend some under body boxes to really give him some extra storage options. Boring right?

I can almost feel my connection to the mother country slipping away, just a little bit each time. The weird thing is that I don’t really mind. Sure, I’d like to mutter some magic words and perform ute maintenance using a group of summoned mechanics so that I don’t have to lift a finger, but doing it yourself takes about the same time in the end. Also, some of the mechanics I know are idiotsm and I wouldn’t trust them to find kindling on a forest floor. And sometimes I actually LIKE talking about aluminium accessories. They make me feel like I’m really doing something worthwhile, with my hands. They never let us do ANYTHING at the Academy; it was all study, unless you wanted your hands slapped by the Headmaster. Now I’m getting down to some commoner work, and I can see why they’re so happy. Aluminium is such a strange metal.