Growing a bunion

Feet are already ugly but they can be made more ugly when you grow a bunion. I’ve noticed this is something that women tend to develop with age but I started growing one prematurely on my right foot. I noticed this about four years ago when I had dropped something heavy on my big toe. The pain was tremendous and it somehow happened to land right on the joint where my big toe connects to my foot. Straight away it felt like my toe had disjointed from my foot, but of course that feeling could have been psychological.

The next day I had to catch a plane and I remember at various points throughout takeoff and landing it felt like that particular toe joint that had the impact was swelling. It was a really strange feeling. It didn’t hurt but it also didn’t feel comfortable. From that point on I’ve noticed my big toe tends to lean towards my other toes and the joint along the side is sticking out. According to a search platform, this is a bunion and bunion splints can help sort it out.

I’m really hesitant about wearing bunion splints as a girl I know, who had the worst bunions I had ever seen, says they did nothing but cause her pain for months. It probably sounds awful for me to say this but even when looking at her feet, I haven’t seen any improvement. I’m really curious if this bunion is actually a bunion or if the toe became dislocated and healed incorrectly. What I do know is that ever since this happened I now have pain in the soles of my feet that I never had before as well as recurring toe pain.

I think it’s important I book in for an appointment with a recommended podiatrist near Cheltenham. This pain is actually becoming uncomfortable and I feel I can no longer wear the shoes I used to love. I also fear that this might become worse with age and I will end up having bunions that protrude.