A Solar Conversation

The inside of the house was in a much worse state than the outside. Maphira had seen plenty of ads on social media for mobile games where the character, always in some terrible situation (such as having just found their partner cheating or being dumped on their wedding day) finds or is given an old …

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Solar Powered Beer

30Why, oh why, did we go into the craft brewing industry? That’s a bit melodramatic – I, for one, did it because I absolutely love making beer, and I think Jeremy feels the same. It’s just that, some days, it all seems overwhelming – days, for instance, when the energy bill rocks up. Talk about …

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Solar-Powered Shoes

26I’d never have seen myself operating a shoe factory – not in a million years. Who knew there was a market for vegan leather dress shoes? It does make sense, though. What with the ever-increasing concern for the state of the planet and all, people are taking more interest in reducing carbon expenditure in manufacturing. …

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