TV Picture On the Blink

Satellite’s on the blink again. Don’t know why I felt the need to come on here and say that, but there you go. Maybe I’ve finally crossed over into the ‘old man ranting against society’ part of my retirement, only now we do it digitally!

It’s been pretty bad ever since we had that big storm a few nights ago. I had a chat to Reggie, and he said the same thing. On top of that, it’s been so cold at night, that just can’t be good…freezing the signals, or some such thing. I’m no expert, and fortunately there are Melbourne TV antenna installation guys who do that sort of thing, but really looks like we might need a replacement.

When was the last time we got a new antenna? It can’t have been before the wedding, because we were all back at our place after the reception, watching the cricket. It was fine then.

It must’ve been well before that one Christmas where the picture across the whole country went fuzzy, because I specifically remember Yelena actually bursting into tears when she couldn’t catch the latest episode of Week of Our Lives. That’s why she insisted on getting a antenna attached to the RV…so she could watch her soaps. That Christmas was less than fun.

So that was…well, I think it was about ten years ago. And we had the antenna well before then. I think it might be a couple of decades. Considering that they’ve changed from standard definition to HD signals over the past few years it’s not wonder we’ve got a bad picture. Well, no wonder it’s on the blink! Everyone else in the neighbourhood has probably already had their shiny digital TV antennas installed, and we’re still plodding along with technology from the last millennium. I should have gotten the antenna replaced a long time ago considering how much television we watch. We need some weatherproofing, if nothing else!