Pro Tourists

My folks are coming to visit me in Tasmania next weekend, for the first time since I moved down here. That’s good and all, but how am I going to keep them occupied? This laboratory post is pretty demanding, and I don’t actually have that much free time.

“Oh, they’ll just be happy to see you,” I hear you say. Well, I’d like to think they’ll be satisfied by that, but I know what they’re like when it comes to travelling. Their ideal trip, even if it’s just a weekend away, involves packed itineraries from roughly 8 am to 10 pm. Far from dropping off as they get older, this tendency seems to have intensified over time – they can’t stand to ‘waste’ a moment. As you can probably guess, their definition of time-wasting differs somewhat from mine,  but what can you do?

Here’s what I’m going to do: lend them my car. That way, they can jet around to their hearts’ content while I’m at work. Then we can meet up in the evening and sample local wines and produce and all that stuff that people apparently come to Tasmania for. The only real bug in this plan is that it’s been a while since I had any auto maintenance, and I’m not sure when I’ll fit in a trip to a service centre.

The fact remains that, in Mornington, tyres with grip are of the essence – especially at this time of year with the wet roads and all. My set is looking a tad worse for wear, and I know how dad likes to drive when he gets on a winding country road. Then there’s that issue with the interior light, and the windows, and the heating… in fact, there’s a general issue with all things auto electrical. Mornington locals, can you help me? This stuff needs to be dealt with before my parents get too road trip happy with my ride.

I should do it for my own benefit, really. I should also get out and see the local sights for myself. As much as it’s mildly annoying, my parents’ visit is a good impetus to do that.