Outing the Anty (without having a tanty.)

I’ve never had to think about pest control. Dromana has been my home for years with zero insect related problems- but now, that’s a different story. And I probably invited it in with open arms.

You see, I’d made four test batches of peanut brittle for my kids school fete, and by accident found out that if dropped by a height of four feet (inside my pantry) that they would break into the ideal bite-sized pieces. Peeved by the disaster, but inspired by not having to cut trays of peanut brittle up by hand, I gathered up what I thought I had dropped and made a mental note to thoroughly check the pantry for missed bits.

The mental note-making is not to be trusted, I was sidetracked by everything else I’d planned to do and never got around to sorting it out. It just so happened that the day I was reminded of this mistake, was the very morning I had arranged a ladies luncheon, inviting everyone on the school hockey team morning tea to my home. Everything was going well until the extra guests arrived, in their thousands.


So. Many. Ants.

Apparently ants find peanut brittle simply irresistible, which is the reason I needed immediate pest removal. At first I thought one of my kids had taken to drawing on the walls again, but I quickly realised the line was moving- this was a trail of tiny soldiers that led from the kitchen to the patio, except rather than a trail of ants it was more of a freeway.

Dialing for pest control when you’re trying to show off at a fancy morning luncheon kind of takes the shine off things. I felt like there were a million eyes on me when I plead with the service officer to rush through my request. Ants can be a nightmare to remove once they’re there.