Final Building Showdown

06:30 PMSam’s Update: Sam teams up with new home builders. He’s tasked with overseeing the construction of an eco-friendly mansion. If he succeeds, this could be the game-changer he needs to clinch victory.

07:00 PMBen’s Update: Ben collaborates with a home improvement service to renovate an old cottage. He’s adding a modern twist to a classic property, aiming to secure a strategic location on the board.

07:30 PMAdam’s Update: Adam is on the move, targeting key locations that could disrupt his friends’ plans. He knows that strategic acquisitions are crucial in these final hours.

08:00 PMSam’s Update: The eco-friendly mansion is taking shape under Sam’s watchful eye and the assistance of the new home builders for luxury Mornington Peninsula houses. He’s close to completing the challenge, with victory within reach.

08:30 PMBen’s Update: The cottage renovation is progressing well. Ben’s modern touches are transforming the property, potentially earning him a valuable asset for the game.

09:00 PMAdam’s Update: Adam secures a crucial property, throwing a wrench in his friends’ strategies. The competition is fiercer than ever as the clock ticks down.

09:30 PMSam’s Update: Sam completes the eco-friendly mansion challenge, claiming the property. He’s now a strong contender for the title of ultimate capitalist.

10:00 PMBen’s Update: The renovated cottage is complete, and Ben claims it for his board. He’s not going down without a fight, setting the stage for a nail-biting finish.

10:30 PMAdam’s Update: Adam continues his strategic moves, acquiring another key location. He’s determined to outsmart his friends in the final stretch.

11:00 PMFinal Hour: The game is in its final hour, and the tension is palpable. Sam, Ben, and Adam are neck and neck, each vying for the title. Our live news feed is buzzing with anticipation as spectators await the outcome.

11:59 PMGame Conclusion: The game of Capitalism on the Mornington Peninsula comes to an exhilarating end. The friends gather at the finish line, exhausted but exhilarated. The judges tally the final scores, and the moment of truth arrives.

12:00 AMWinner Announcement: The winner of the largest-ever game of Capitalism is crowned. Adam emerges as the ultimate capitalist, having secured the most properties and overcoming the toughest challenges. The Mornington Peninsula has witnessed a game like no other, full of adventure, strategy, and camaraderie.

Thank you for following the live news feed of this epic game! Congratulations to the winner and well done to all the participants. Until next time, keep rolling the dice and chasing your dreams!