Who’s That Dog?

I’m pet-sitting my cousin’s dog, Jedi, while she’s away at a conference. Marianne is a bit of a perfectionist, and seems to have trained Jedi accordingly. For example, whenever I use the word ‘sit’ in any context (for example, “Marianne asked me to pet-sit”), he’ll plonk his tail-end down in the middle of whatever he’s doing without a second thought. Normally, as far as I know, even well-trained dogs still generally need a clear and deliberate directive in order to catch a command like that. With Jedi, it’s as though he can hear it from across the house.

I’ve just done a search for the best Brighton vet clinic – I need to grab some higher quality dog food than the one I’d originally bought from the supermarket. According to Marianne’s notes, it’s not compatible with Jedi’s diet. Maybe that’s why he’s so on the ball. While I’m there, I might try and quiz the receptionist on whether Jedi’s incredible level of responsiveness to commands is normal or healthy.

Marianne left me with a long list of commands that he know, including ‘fetch remote’, ‘fetch glasses’ and ‘walk Jedi’. I haven’t tried any of those yet; they seem oddly specific and I don’t really care to stumble upon the fact that Marianne is actually a bit deluded. She doesn’t seem like the delusional type, though, and that actually freaks me out even more more because it suggests that Jedi does actually respond to those commands, along with all the standard ones. 

It shouldn’t be that surprising, given that Marianne does everything with extreme accuracy, including leaving me with a long list instructions for what to do in various situations of canine injury or illness. She’s signed off with the numbers of three different emergency vet services. Bayside having even one emergency vet is news to me, but then I don’t have pets.

My main question, which she hasn’t answered at all, is how I can best make Jedi feel at home. What does he like? What’s he about, other than being extremely well trained? I suppose I’ll find out in due course.