The Things We Get Up to in Melbourne

I was on the phone to my aunt last night, and I think I almost gave her a repeated set of heart attacks. It’s mostly her fault, though. She gets so worked up about every tiny thing, mostly because she doesn’t do much with her life and she lives vicariously through the rest of the family. That, and she’s just the emotional sort.

Anyway, I was telling her that here in Melbourne, people treat coffee like it’s some kind of religion. That got a good reaction out of her, but then I told her that people here also think they own dogs instead of them being legitimate family members like in Albajeria. She was already reeling from that one when I told her I’d seen a news report on buyers advocacy services, and it’s a service where people pay other people to find really expensive homes for them.

Well, there was a length silence after that one. Then Aunt Kettie just went totally nuts, ranting about how we have it so good over here, and how if things continued that way it’d be a downward spiral and civilization would fold in on itself, and how things are so much simpler in our country and that’s how it should be…

To be honest, I really think she enjoys getting worked up. And to be really honest, I don’t have much of a problem with buyers advocates. Not a service I think I’ll ever use myself, but I can see why you might want a second opinion if you’re purchasing a home in the millions. I didn’t mention any figures, partially because I don’t know for sure, and partially because I think my Aunt would’ve exploded. Property advocates based in Melbourne, AND dogs spending most of their time outside? I’d never leave the phone.

I do love our family chats, though. Even if they do take up a good chunk of my day getting through everyone.