The Hot Box

Day four in the the hot-box: the box is very hot. A car, as I recently discovered, is actually just a box made of metal. Metal heats up when it’s in the sun, especially when not in motion. All very scientific and very interesting, but the main thing is that air conditioning is supposed to help mitigate all of this, and I currently don’t have any of it. None at all. I don’t know how air con breaks down because I’m not a mechanic, but I’m hoping there’s a mechanic doing air conditioning repair near Bendigo. If this goes on much longer, I’m going to end up slow-roasting like a Christmas goose.

Problem is that I’m sort of busy for the next couple of weeks, tons of deliveries to do, and I don’t know if I can actually make it to a mechanic. So I guess I’m just cooking for a little while, at least until that cool change rolls in. Which should be any minute now… ha ha.

Of course, my job has to involve driving. A friend told me recently that since I use my car so much, that means it probably needs more regular servicing than is standard, and that’s why by air con has conked out. That was a very unhelpful comment and I was about to tell them so, but then they mentioned that, a lot of the time, a quick regas is all that’s needed. Regardless, it’s too bad that I can’t go to a garage to get it done.

I can’t get back in there. Five seconds in and I’m covered in sweat. The other day I had to drive to Footscray with the window open, and I arrived at the client’s house looking like Sailor Greg. I won’t. I cannot. I can’t be the Christmas goose. I’m finding an air conditioning regas place, or an automotive mechanic. Bendigo locals, swing me suggestions – stat.