Not Shatter-Proof, but Still Good

Can anyone just order shatter-proof glass? As in, are there regular residential glaziers on call in Melbourne who’ll just come by, give you a friendly tip-of-the-hat and pop in some shatterproof glass for you, then be on their way whistling and definitely not telling their friends about the weirdo who finally took them up on that service?

I’m not sure about the cost, anyway, and it’s not like the glass will actually be reflecting any heavy blows. I talked to the psychologist after Mum’s latest session, and he said that mild paranoia and false memories are actually a common part of senility, and if possible, it can be helpful to play along to a certain degree. Ever since Dad died, Mum hasn’t been quite the same, even though she’s living her now so we can keep an eye on her. Then she started getting really jumpy whenever someone knocked at the door. Finally, she told us last week that she’s pretty sure the secret mafia police are after her because she filed her taxes wrong in 1981 and they want the money she owes them.

So yeah. That’s been my week. New locks installed (which we kind of needed anyway), and I’ve had to fix that hole in our three-foot fence, as if that was a massive security concern. Now it looks like we’ll have to talk to a professional glazier and have them come in and pretend to be putting in shatter-proof glass. When the psychologist said play along, I’m not sure he meant quite this much. If we get the glazier in and that still doesn’t help, then that’s it. I’m not digging a moat, or…setting up fake turrets and cameras.

So now we have to find a decent residential glazier, I suppose. One with a bit of a sense of role-play. That should be a fun addition to their day!