Kissing the tenancy agreement goodbye!

I’m not supposed to be doing much, except celebrating right now. I’m still singing the praise of buyers advocates. Melbourne-side, I’d promised everyone I’d shut up about the property market. You see, two days ago, my partner and I bought our first home, after nearly two years of trying to find the perfect place. We’d saved, rented, saved, rented, saved some more, kept going, even when we felt like giving up. Months passed and came back around again and it didn’t seem like we’d ever come across a home we both wanted- and even if we did want it, what we found time and time again that we weren’t the only ones who did. The hammer always fell in favour of someone else, never us.

We were absolutely over it.

In reality, I wished I’d done the groundwork a lot sooner. I knew other people who were looking for a great place and just hadn’t found what they wanted- I assumed we were all in the same boat. But that just wasn’t true.

I decided to look into getting some help. I called a place that had great reviews online, and asked to be put into touch with a buyers advocate. Melbourne property prices had me shook, and in retrospect this is a call I should have made many months earlier. Att the time, I was just clutching at straws and hoping someone would point us in a new direction. I’d lost a lot of faith in our goal.

But the buyers advocate changed everything.

It was an off-market property that we ended up securing. Our agent knew about the property and this vital link between our advocate and the owner meant that long story short, we were now homeowners. No more renting. No more property inspections. NO MORE SHORT LEASE TENANCY AGREEMENTS.

Initially I was worried about the cost, but I’ve got to say, I’d far rather be paying someone who has our best interests at heart over paying someone else’s mortgage off. Woohoo!