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What’s in a name?

The introduction of Master Chef, My Kitchen Rules and the myriad of other shows and celebrity Chefs, has meant that people are more food savvy. We know more about food and it’s possibilities than we ever did before. In a place like Australia (and particularly the beautiful Northern Rivers area where we are based) we are fortunate enough to have access to the best and freshest there is available, surrounded by people who are enormously passionate about the food they grow and sell. We have more choice in our menus than we ever did before.

With all our new found knowledge, should our expectations of what is delivered on our plate – whether it be at home, at a cafe, restaurant or a special event/function, be different from what it was before?

The fundamental expectation should be nothing less than what it always has been – that what appears on the plate should be full of flavour. Of course it should look appealing – you want to feel compelled to eat it, but the description and appearance of the dish should not come in place of, or at the cost of, taste.

Too many times we’ve been wowed by long descriptions and fancy names. We’ve seen pictures of intricately plated food only to be bitterly disappointed that the taste doesn’t match the look. All that fuss, and no flavour.

At Savoir Fare Catering we believe in MOF MOF – Minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour.

That isn’t to say that we don’t take an enormous amount of care in the plating – we want your guests to want to eat the food. But more than anything, we want them to take that first bite and go “Wow”.  And continue that feeling until the last bite. We want to leave them wanting more! When we describe the food, we want you to know exactly what you’ll be getting – and follow through on our promise.

Whomever your choice of Caterer, demand flavour over fuss. The taste of great food will linger longer on the palate and in the memory than the fancy description or single chive garnish.

Wet Wedding – 8/2/11

Nobody wants a rainy Wedding day. Whatever your style of Wedding, when you imagine your special day you are unlikely to have umbrellas, rain coats and galoshes in mind.

But, maybe you should! The uncertain Australian weather (particularly of late) means that it can’t be sunny for everyone’s day.

Most couples we meet are simply in denial. The phrase “it won’t rain on our Wedding Day” is one we often hear.

In countries such as Germany, Sweden, China and France, rain on your Wedding Day is considered lucky because of it’s association with a bountiful harvest, and thus, fertility. Some believe that the rainier the wedding day, the more children the marriage will produce. Many believe that rain on your wedding day is a lucky omen. The Italians even have a saying for it, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata“, which means that a wet bride is a lucky bride. And the French say, “Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux” which suggests a happy marriage following a wet wedding.

Your day should be wonderful no matter what the weather. Our advice is to plan a Wedding where the weather won’t get in the way – or, if it does, you can make a feature of it! Make sure your Wedding does not rely on perfect weather or your whole dream will become a terrible disappointment.

Working in the beautiful Northern Rivers and on the Gold Coast we cater for many Weddings at properties, under Marquees, on beaches and in parks. The issue of not just rain but mud, dry access for the food from the preparation area to the guests, slippery floors, sagging umbrellas and a soggy ceremony can be a reality unless you’ve thought through the logistics.

With a bit of planning, an unwelcome shower can become a beautiful highlight of your day and your forward thinking will give your guests a real positive to talk about after the event.

Here are some suggestions to ensure you’re not caught unawares – theme some wet weather gear (particularly for the bridal party) white umbrellas and rain boots for the Bride, coloured to match the dresses for the Bridesmaids. Have a selection of large golf style umbrellas for your guests with a couple of dedicated “ushers” to shelter people from cars to undercover spaces.

Making sure you have a proper base/floor with your tent or marquee means chairs (and heels) won’t be sinking in the mud. Having mats at all the entrances (carpet squares are economical) for people to wipe their feet on will ensure your guests (and the people serving food and drinks) will have a non-slippery surface to walk on. Basic tent cover from the food preparation area to the guests will guarantee your friends and family aren’t eating soggy dinners. Where you have an outdoor ceremony, drinks on the front lawn, canapés under the stars, always have a backup area that will house your guests comfortably and that you will enjoy just as much.

If you are prepared for the weather, instead of rushing around on the day trying to combat it, you’ll be able to focus on the important aspect of the day – sharing your special moment with the people in your life who matter most.


Once upon a time Weddings had a fairly predictable and rigid format. We are lucky to live in an age where imagination, personal style and creative flair dictate the Wedding that you will have. Chances are, if you’re getting married this year, so will many of your friends. You want your Wedding to stand out, be different and be a day that not just you, but all your guests talk about. You don’t want it to be just “another Wedding”.
There are so many ways to make your Wedding personal and different from everyone else.

One of the most talked about and important aspects of the Wedding, is the Catering. It constitutes the main part of your reception and is your way of thanking your guests for sharing this momentous occasion with you. The style, quantity and quality of the food should reflect the style and theme of your celebration. It should complement the mood not be ancillary to it.

Many couples who are searching for a Caterer have a story about the success or disappointment of the taste, quality, quantity and service of food at someone else’s Wedding.
As such, they want flexibility of choice in their menu so that it enhances the mood that they are hoping for –be it relaxed, casual or formal, at home, on a beach, in a park, a hall, a formal dining room.

So… spit roast, canapés, buffet, sit-down dinner? Lolly buffet, mini tart buffet, croque em bouche, tiered Wedding cake? Lots of space or fairly limited? Want to capture the freedom of an outdoor setting or the decadence of an indoor setting? Mostly younger guests who’d like to stand and mingle or older guests who need to sit down? More time for dancing or more time for talking?

Surprisingly, many couples leave the Catering until the last minute. A good Caterer will help you to build a menu just for you and your Wedding and may be able to assist in other aspects of your day. They should offer flexibility in the menu. They should be willing to accommodate guests with dietary requirements. They should be able to move with the flow of the occasion so that the food blends with the celebration, not interrupts it. They should be passionate about the quality of the food that is served.

When your guests go away they should leave feeling full – of great food as well as the joy of the occasion!