Premium Buffet

This is a buffet menu with a difference! Choose from 3 different sections and add some optional funky extras to really wow your guests.

Section one: Hot grill and roast

Satay chicken skewers – tender pieces of chicken marinated with our own special blend of Malaysian spices

Assorted gourmet sausages

Minute steak – Cooked to perfection with caramelised onion

Mixed vegetable skewers with rosemary oil glaze

Grilled salmon with shiitake mushroom relish

Roast rolled beef with dijonnaise crust and caramelised onion sauce

Roast, crisp skinned leg of Bangalow sweet pork with cinnamon apple sauce

Miso glazed eggplant with toasted sesame and rice sprinkles

Roast leg of garlic and rosemary infused lamb with traditional mint jelly

Section two: Mains

Bulgogi – Korean dish of barbecued beef with sesame and soy

Ragout of chunky beef and bacon meatballs in a five spiced Napoli sauce
Chicken medallions with macadamia, walnut and pistachio cream sauce
Sauteed black pepper prawns

Singapore style yellow chicken curry

Assam fish – tangy fish curry (spicy, sweet and sour)

Steamed barramundi fillet with yuzu lemon and roma tomato salsa

Section three: Salads and sides

Caesar salad with cos, bacon, boiled egg, croutons and shaved parmesan

Greek salad with fetta, olives, sundried tomatoes, cucumber and onion

Pasta salad with mediterranean vegetables and extra virgin olive oil

Haricot vert – Green bean and cashew nut salad with honey mustard dressing

Mixed mesclun salad with julienne vegetables and mixed seeds

Creamy potato salad with red capsicum, baby peas and pernod mayonnaise

Japanese raw cabbage salad with toasted sesame seeds and Japanese dressing

Quinoa salad with spring onion, tomato, mixed herbs, orange and walnuts with grapeseed oil

Steamed potatoes with paprika and garlic butter
Garlic and ginger infused jasmine rice
Baked mixed seasonal vegetables with ratatouille sauce
Stir fried mixed asian vegetables in oyster sauce

Section four: Funky Extras

Smoked salmon rosettes with yuzu lemon dressing

Otak otak – Banana leaf wrapped Singapore fish cakes

Seafood vinaigrette – Prawns, mussels, calamari, snapper, barramundi

Corn fritters with chunky tomato salsa

Mini vegetable frittata with salsa verde

Baked marinated chicken “wing dings”

All served with mixed bread and condiments

$48.00 per person (2 from section one, 1 from section two and 4 from section three)

$58.00 per person (3 from section one, 1 from section two, 4 from section three and 1 “funky extra”)